Is hosting my event in Christ Summit really FREE!

Yes, but let me explain this a little bit. Christ Summit is a ministry and our goal is to help churches, Christian organizations and businesses expand their reach and impact and at the same time mitigate, if not eliminate, expenses.

Conference.jpg In determining your live (physical) event needs and accommodations there are several factors to consider. Geographic location is the primary factor that influences cost. An event in Boston, Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, San Diego, Miami, or Washington DC can add tens of thousands of dollars to your expense compared to hosting in Charlotte, Nashville, Portland, Oklahoma City, Albuquerque, Louisville, or Indianapolis. The number of attendees is the next major factor to consider when budgeting for a workshop, conference, or summit. In a Tier 2 location (low cost cities) doubling the number of attendees from 100 to 200 will almost double your expense.The third major contributor to expense is the duration of the event. Additionally, you have to factor lodging, travel, meals, equipment, staffing, and marketing. A 2 day event in a Tier 2 city, with breakfast and lunch included, requiring audiovisual equipment, can cost approximately $17,000.

By making events virtual, we are able to mitigate cost while broadening your reach and impact. In the process you are able to keep the majority of the proceeds you make giving you additional help financially for your ministry. At Christ Summit we have partnered with over two dozen companies to provide the technology and resources to make what Christ Summit has to offer a reality. The technology and resources we implement are state of the art. The cost for the technology and tools we use are approximately $40,000/month. With that in mind, as a ministry we have expenses we need to cover so that we can continue to support the churches and Christian businesses and organizations. We have determined that 30% of the tickets sold will be sufficient just to cover the expenses. So for each event 70% of the ticket sales goes directly to the churches/organizations and 30% goes to support Christ Summit as a ministry. The 70% the church/organization earns through Christ Summit is more than double or triple of what they would have made from a physical format. At the same time, there are no upfront expenses you have to worry about. In conclusion, hosting your event in Christ Summit is Free because there are no upfront expenses. The 30% is given after the event to help support our ministry.

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